OpenTOSCA Ecosystem: Installation Instructions

Version v3.0.0 is the current stable version of the OpenTOSCA ecosystem.

Table of Contents


General Remarks

  • It is recommended that your host or virtual machine has at least 4GB of memory
  • Make sure following ports in your environment are free in order to start OpenTOSCA properly:
    • 1337
    • 8080-8088
    • 8090
    • 9763
    • 1883 (optional)
    • 9000 (optional)


The following example steps will help you to setup our dockerized OpenTOSCA environment.

  • prerequisites: Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit installed
  • v3.0.0, Ubuntu 16.04, 64bit: Short version: wget -qO- | TAG=v3.0.0 sh
  • v2.2.0, Ubuntu 16.04, 64bit: Short version: wget -qO- | TAG=v2.2.1 sh
  • v2.1.0, Ubuntu 16.04, 64bit: Short version: wget -qO- | TAG=v2.1.0 sh
  • testing, UNSTABLE, Ubuntu 16.04, 64bit: Short version: wget -qO- | sh

Beside of this installation script, there is a Docker Compose configuration available at that can be used to set up a customized environment.

Wait a few seconds, then open the OpenTOSCA user interface.

OpenTOSCA Component URL
OpenTOSCA UI http://HOSTNAME:8088
OpenTOSCA Modelling (Eclipse Winery) http://HOSTNAME:8080
OpenTOSCA Container API http://HOSTNAME:1337
OpenTOSCA Container Repository http://HOSTNAME:8081
Plan Engine (Apache ODE) http://HOSTNAME:9763/ode
IA Engine (Apache Tomcat) http://HOSTNAME:8090/manager (user: admin, password: admin)

You can check the status of the different containers by using the Portainer Management UI at http://HOSTNAME:9000.


The OpenTOSCA eco system is open source and actively developed on GitHub. Please head to our website for further information.

Our main components are:

  • OpenTOSCA UI - User interface for the OpenTOSCA Runtime:
  • OpenTOSCA Container - an open-source, TOSCA-compliant runtime:
  • OpenTOSCA Modelling Tool (Eclipse Winery™):


If you need support, contact us at